Logitech launches its Comfort Wave keyboard for Mac and PC
Logitech unveiled its Comfort Wave keyboard for Mac and PC. It’ll be available for US$49.99 for a corded version, $89.99 for a cordless version bundled with a mouse. The Comfort Wave utilizes a “wave key-frame design,” a U-shaped constant curve and a cushioned, contoured palm rest.

The keyboard also features hot keys that work with both the Mac and Windows PCs (using included Logitech software), to activate software such as Web browsers, Apple’s Front Row software, photo applications and music software.

The Cordless Desktop Wave is bundled with a cordless, ambidextrous laser mouse with soft rubber grip, designed to match the Comfort Wave’s design. Both mouse and keyboard sport low power indicator lights.

The Cordless Desktop Wave is anticipated for release first, in late August. The corded Wave Keyboard will ship in October.

Data Management

DataMirror announces Transformation Server for z/OS

DataMirror unveiled another version of Transformation Server for z/OS.  With this latest version, Transformation Server improves support for companies integrating data in mainframe environments by extending support to DB2 Version 9.1 running on IBM’s z/OS.  Using unique log-based Change Data Capture (CDC) technology, data is captured continuously from the DB2 database logs running on the mainframe as business occurs, without impacting performance, and is distributed to other disparate systems in real time. 


  • Support for IBM DB2 Version 9.1 for z/OS
  • Conflict Detection and Resolution
  • Enhanced Monitoring Capabilities 

For more information about Transformation Server, visit http://www.datamirror.com/products/tserver

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