Re: Government site offers supplier searches (May 1)

Unless I have missed it, how about an article on Merx (a.k.a. Bank of Montreal)? It has managed to get an enormously expensive extension

on its Open Bid database service (used by provincial and municipal governments and hospitals across Canada) due to Public Works and Government Services not having its supply chain software ready, despite being warned of this. They are now repeating what happened when Merx won the contract from MSL and was not ready to roll. The net result for consumers is that the charges are going up monthly by 500 per cent.

Ray Pearmain

Re: Justice system seeks integrated data to combat terrorism (April 30)

Greg Wright, the executive director of the Integrated Justice Information Secretariat has a way with words, doesn’t he? He says, “”This is a linking of networks; it’s not a Big Brother database.””

There is only a physical difference between a centralized “”Big Brother database”” and a distributed one. The outcome is the same: the protection of our privacy by all levels of our government is just smoke and mirrors.

Jacques Orsali

Re: McGill centre culls proteomic, genomics research (April 29)

I have noticed on several occasions lately that you have mentioned the company I work for, MDS Inc. The name of the company is MDS (not MDS Pharmaceuticals and it doesn’t stand for Medical Data Services). The letters stand for Medical Data Sciences, but the company is always referred to as MDS, the legal name. We do have sectors, however, called MDS Proteomics and MDS Pharma Services. Keep up the good work on the columns.

Brent R. Thomas
Technical analyst / Project lead
Information technology
MDS diagnostic sector

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