Re: Future Shop of horrors (Aug. 14)

This sort of thing is inevitable. Unrestricted competition always leads to monopolies. This is not a tautological statement: just look around in any industry and you’ll see the same thing happening.

Peter Lacey

Anvil Crafts

Re: IBM, the PC and Me (Aug. 10)

I am older than you and worked without a computer until 1998! (essentially as an executive search consultant), with secretaries and typewriters. It was as efficient as typing our letters ourselves on the computer, as we do today.

But I think the biggest breakthrough has been e-mail, which is a fabulous tool.

It enabled us to cut down on telephone tag, which represented most of our working time.

Strangely, no one seems to talk about it.

Jean-Marc Frion

Stanton Chase

I just read your article and I thought I’d let you know that I enjoyed this one, and other writings of yours. I would guess that I’m about the same age as you based on you relating your childhood memories around the birth of the PC, so your perspectives become that much more interesting to me.

Just thought I’d like you know that I appreciate your work. Good job.

Michael Athony Lee,

Madison MacArthur Inc.

Re: IT industry braces for Code Red (July 30)

If Ronald Dick, director of the US National Infrastructure Protection Center, believes that “the act of downloading the [Code Red] patch [is] ‘a civic duty’,” does he also believe that the release by Microsoft of defective software (which release necessitated the patch) an act of treason?

Michael Arkin,

Computer Science Chair

Upper Canada College

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