As a first time exhibitor at Comdex Canada this year I said to my booth partner that unless Comdex reinvents itself, it’s history.

I also made the same statement to the salesperson who came around to sign us up for next year. She stared at me as if I was an alien. She had as much enthusiasm

as a wet noodle.

Although having attended eight to 12 Comdex’s in Las Vegas over the years, the last one in 2000, and couple in Chicago (many years ago) and most in Toronto, it’s been dying a slow and painful death for a number of years. Also there’s in no comparison to Las Vegas Comdex/Fall show and Toronto’s. Firstly, Toronto is an end user show with a branch plant mentality.

Secondly certainly no major product announcements happen here.

On the positive side, Comdex for us was very successful. We gained incredible publicity that’s still running its course. And are on the way to recouping our booth investment and beyond. However, as far as show organizing goes, their attention to detail and presentation is appalling.

Yours in technology

Lynne Mack

Enviro-Tech Recycling Operations Manager

Logic Box Systems Inc.

Mississauaga, Ont.

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