The LeasingGate pot boiler has added a few more ingredients.

An alleged $150,000 bribe offered to a Dell Canada executive to accept a 1999 City of Toronto contract had Mayor Mel Lastman shocked “”in the extreme.”” will offer full coverage of the inquiry when

it resumes in approximately two weeks. Until then, find out how the situation escalated.

As it happened (Oct. 2)

LeasingGate (Oct. 1)
A look at for whom the bell tolls once the inquiry into Toronto’s IT contracts resumes

Police investigation stalls Toronto leasing inquiry (Sept. 30)
Mel Lastman didn’t even have time to take the stand to discuss the city’s IT purchasing before a judge shut down the proceedings in light of new information

Toronto faces scrutiny over IT purchasing (Sept. 26)
An inquiry examines why the city spent more than $85 million on products from a local leasing company and Oracle Corp. We set the stage for the project post-mortem of the year

Leasing deal goes sour for City of Toronto (Feb. 28)
Company claims city owes it $14 million in outstanding lease payments; city cries breach of contract


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