Chief Information Officers may make or break their careers on developing new, value-added applications, but supporting old ones is where they spend the bulk of their time, attention and money.

To combat the problem, RIS, a Calgary-based IT services firm, has developed a set of best practices

it calls Smart Methodology designed to control and reign in the costs of application support and maintenance.

Canadian Pacific Rail, Talisman Energy and Toyota Canada are identified as three organizations who have adopted these procedures and practices.

“”Given its strategic and financial importance, it’s surprising how little attention has been paid to application support and maintenance,”” says Peter Thompson, president and CEO of RIS.

“”Unfortunately, as we’ve seen in recent headlines, some of Canada’s biggest companies are learning this the hard way.”” (See also, story, p. 18.)

Beginning this fall, Thompson plans to present an overview of his methodology at various cities across Canada.

Find out more about his presentation including dates and times, at

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