Shopify customers can now use their smartphones to manage their business’s shipping operations.

On Wednesday the company revealed that it had added its Shopify Shipping features, along with the ability to create and print labels, to its mobile app.

“Before this update, you could mark orders as fulfilled in the app, but you’d need to stop by your desk for the rest of the process – helpful when you’re trying to clean up small administrative to-dos, but nothing close to being able to manage your shipping workflow on the go,” Shopify product manager Kurt Heinrich wrote in a Jan. 31 blog post. “Now, instead of having to use a computer to purchase and print your shipping labels, you can complete the process anywhere.”

The Shopify Shipping features already available through the company’s existing desktop services include the ability to show customers carrier shipping rates or offer flat rate shipping; bulk order fulfillment; and low UPS, DHL Express, USPS, and Canada Post rates.

In addition to these features being incorporated into the app, users can also use their phones to create and print labels, both immediately or saved for printing later.

“Getting an order notification is a great feeling, no matter where you are,” Heinrich wrote. “Now, as soon as the order comes in, you can quickly create a shipping label and pay for it from your phone.”

Courtesy Shopify

To take advantage of the new label-printing features, users can:

  • Choose an order and tap “Create shipping label”;
  • Select a carrier and shipping service;
  • Buy a shipping label and print – the app will automatically detect nearby printers using AirPrint or Google Cloud Print.

“When you can manage your shipping anywhere, you and your customers both win,” Heinrich wrote. “Now that you can print labels without tripping over wires, you can get them taken care of in record time — and your customers will notice.”

The new features are available on both the iOS and Android versions of the Shopify app.

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