To: Shane Schick, Editor,

From: Sacke & Associates

In France it’s “”le bouton””, in Spain, “”el grano””, in Germany, “”der Pickel”” and in Italy it’s simple called “”pustola””. In Canada- it’s a pimple. But a pimple is far from simple and as Canadians

we face some unique skin care challenges, especially during our harsh winter.

What we know for sure is everyone’s skin responds differently to environmental forces and what works for one person may not for someone else to achieve healthy, glowing skin.

There are, however, some common strategies to combat pimples. Simple things we can do that are especially important during the winter to minimize the development of pimples and keep your best face forward.

I would like to schedule some time for you to speak with Ralph Hansen, president of Boots Healthcare, the makers of Clearasil. He has some great ideas for skin saving strategies and how to help you get the best out of your skin this winter – because according to both Whiarton Willie and Puxatony Phil, we still have six more weeks left!

Let’s schedule something this week. Call or email me!

Terri Lynn Bonnar

Sacke & Associates


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