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The Mercury Press is pleased to announce cross-country launches for Shift & Switch: New Canadian Poetry, an anthology featuring exciting new work by over forty experimental poets. Canada’s cutting-edge authors have been widely acclaimed internationally as some of the most important innovators of the 20th and 21st centuries. Avant-garde poets challenge the reading and writing status quo, and question what a poem may be. Where conventional collections emphasize traditional and lyric poetry, Shift & Switch offers a unique and highly-anticipated alternative: radicality, innovation, and experimentation with sound, visual elements, mathematics, surrealism, and ‘pataphysics!

VANCOUVER: Saturday, November 26, 8pm, at The Helen Pitt Gallery (102-148 Alexander St.). Readings by Kedrick James, Reg Johanson, Glen Lowry, Angela Rawlings, Jordan Scott, and Natalie Simpson. Co-sponsored by the Kootenay School of Writing.

TORONTO: Tuesday, November 29, 7pm, at Supermarket (on Augusta Ave. in Kensington Market). Readings by Gregory Betts, Rob Read, Sharon Harris, Mark Truscott, Trevor Speller, Hugh Thomas, Rachel Zolf, Suzanne Zelazo, and Geoffrey Hlibchuk.

CALGARY: Tuesday, December 6, 7pm, at McNally Robinson (120 8th Ave. SW). Readings by derek beaulieu, Jason Christie, ryan fitzpatrick, Jay Gamble, Jill Hartman, Larissa Lai, and Julia Williams.

Shift & Switch contributors have lived across the country from Victoria, British Columbia to Corner Brook, Newfoundland; the anthology functions not only as a gathering point of new writing, but also as a teaching tool in creative writing, in alternative writing forms, in Canadian literature and poetry courses. Most contributors are actively involved in their local writing and artistic communities as magazine editors, festival and reading series organizers, micropress publishers, and creative writing instructors and students. Co-editors derek beaulieu, Jason Christie, and Angela Rawlings are available for interview, as are contributors in many cities. To book an interview or to request a review copy, please contact The Mercury Press.

CONTRIBUTORS: derek beaulieu. Gregory Betts. Michael deBeyer. Alice Burdick. Jason Christie. Chris Fickling. Jon Paul Fiorentino. ryan fitzpatrick. Jay Gamble. Sharon Harris. Jill Hartman. Jason Le Heup. Jamie Hilder. Geoffrey Hlibchuk. Matthew Hollett. Jesse Huisken. Kedrick James. Reg Johanson. Frances Kruk. Larissa Lai. Glen Lowry. Danielle Maveal. Jeremy McLeod. Max Middle. gustave morin. Janet Neigh. a.rawlings. Rob Read. Jordan Scott. Natalie Simpson. Trevor Speller. Nathalie Stephens. Andrea Strudensky. Hugh Thomas. Mark Truscott. douglas webster. Jonathon Wilcke. Julia Williams. rita wong. Suzanne Zelazo. Rachel Zolf.

Shift & Switch has a very cool website; visit us online at


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