Subject: pitch for source to discuss data consolidation and performance reporting, mgmt

Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 18:12:17 -0400

From: “”Jerry Schranz””

Organization: Keating & Co.

To: Shane Schick, Editor,

The theme is: Adoption of

moving to a Portfolio Accounting and Financial Web-based Performance Reporting and Data Consolidation – “”You can’t manage what you can’t see””

John, I believe this topic is undervalued and under the radar in the press today and invite you to cover or consider a bylined article.

We have entered era of electronic data, where there are innovative ways to store, collect, trade, manipulate data. Too much data however can become unmanageable and cumbersome for data to be properly aggregated, consolidated, secure and readily available. Today’s financial advisor must be equipped to provide clients critical reports and advice at the blink of an eye.

However, in-house portfolio reporting is subject to many forms of human error. The problem today is mass volumes of data produce fragmented views of data within most enterprises. Technology alternatives such as ASPs, whose business depends largely on the security of customers’ data and access from virtual locations, have demonstrated a tremendous benefit for everyone. But it goes beyond that.

Data consolidation (integration of direct data feeds from financial data providers, such as clearing houses or brokerage firms) is an essential component of successful performance and reporting management initiatives. The part that often goes overlooked is how much data and benchmarking an advisor would have to take in consideration: to organize, prepare, and report the relevant, accurate, secure data for each and every client day-in day-out. The idea that advisors can utilize private-labeled branding for online client access screens as well as real-time reports and calculations that are AIMR compliant is a tremendous benefit Albridge Solutions ( brings to the table. After years of R&D, their business is in high demand for such enterprise level services.

Albridge Solutions would like to share trends and knowledge they are experiencing with you and your readers.

* A recent article in Barron’s listed the top 100 wealth (financial) managers. Of the 100 individuals who represent everything from estate and tax planners to asset management and protection, 12 specifically serve as independent broker dealers or insurance brokers – Albridge’s core customer base. The company’s presence in that group is impressive, 9 out of 12 are Albridge clients and represent nearly $10 billion in business.

* Albridge Solutions was also recently named by Deloitte & Touche as a “”Rising Star”” in its New Jersey Technology Fast 50 List

John, I would like you to consider a conversation with Greg Pacholski, CEO of Albridge Solutions or offer you a bylined article that we would be able to coordinate based on editorial needs. I’d like you to consider them as an industry source, tech source for application stories, financial data stories, market insight trends, and needs. I’ve attached recent releases that demonstrate their industry leadership.




Jerry Schranz

Account Executive

Keating & Co.

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