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Subject: photo story?
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2004 10:57:00 -0400
From: “”””
To: Shane Schick, Editor,

Hi there, Shane.


about a quickie useful piece on photo sharing. I mean, REALLY sharing. Sure, it’s been done before, BLAH BLAH, but it’s become so much easier. And the public is getting so darn snap happy what with camera phones and all! Time for an update! Tips to make the process easier, less of a pain in the bum Tips for photos from your camera phone and sending them to your online album. (Not moblog)

Here’s a company that’s super different from the other big names (such as ofoto, snapfish, blah blah).

The company is called SMUGMUG. (cool name, no?)

We’d love to give you an account so you can try it out. Interested? We use the site for photos of our clients such as the guys at CRAIGSLIST or the cakes at Citizen Cake.

Think of it as more pics, less clicks.

—-Industrial strength: the site is fast for those who have a speedy connection, yet can

easily be made speedy for those with dial-up.

—-Load up a 100 photos at once with drag and drop. Not sure if you’ve tried to load up photos

on others sites but it’s, umm, laborious.

It’s easy and not even slightly intimidating.

***Just who on earth are these SMUGMUG folks***

Started in 2002 by Don MacAskill and his father Chris MacAskill. You may well remember Chris’ previous company, FATBRAIN. It IPO’d into a $100mil company and was sold to Barnes and Noble.

So, there you have it. Give me a holler if you’d like more info. Or, if we can set you up with an account so you can test run the site yourself. Or if you’d like tips from a real live expert.




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