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Subject: Drinkable soup . and other ways to keep you working nonstop

Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2004 08:25:33 -0600

From: “”Michelle Metzger””

To: “”Gmeckbach@Itbusiness.


Hello Greg,

You’ve seen the commercials – drinkable soup, cereal bars with layers of fake milk, macaroni and cheese that basically fixes itself. These foods are designed so people don’t have to stop working to eat. Combine these “”conveniences”” with a device like a Blackberry or a mobile phone and it’s now possible to work virtually every minute of the day without taking a break. Now if they would just OK catheters for everyday use by the general public, the grand productivity scheme would be complete.

Like it or not, the vicious cycle will continue. Productivity will increase, technology will continue to improve with faster computers, better mobile handsets with e-mail capabilities and voice mail that can follow you wherever you go, and productivity will increase again. SS8 Networks knows a thing or two about unified communications and flexible voice mail you can listen to and forward from your desktop. If you would like to visit with them about how this new voice mail increases productivity and is easy for carriers to implement, please let me know. We’d gladly set you up with an interview or a contributed article on the subject.

Thank you for your time (we know you could have been eating an actual bowl of soup instead of reading this) and consideration. In the mean time, take a break – you deserve it!

All good things,

Michelle Metzger

(972) 480-8383 ext. 231


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