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Last chance to nominate someone for an IT Leadership Award.

Computing Canada is accepting nominations now for its third annual IT Leadership Awards.

The awards were created to recognize the achievements of IT professionals whose ideas and works

have made a positive impact on their organizations during the last twelve months.

The six award categories include the following: IT Executive of the Year, IT Champion of the Year, IT Manager of the Year, Project Team of the Year, IT Mentor of the Year and the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Nomination close July 21, so log onto today.


In the September issue of EDGE, we look at the complexities around getting information out of an enterprise-resource planning (ERP) system.

Should you go with a closed-loop solution (software tools are bundled into an ERP system) or look for an independent third-party option?

Does your ERP system satisfy the information needs of executives in your financial, human resources and manufacturing/suppky chain departments?

Is such software just too complex to serve basic information needs, and are their other alternatives to guiding the decision-making process.

Read EDGE in September and find out.

Contact: Dave Webb

Communications & Networking

Wi-Fi phones are becoming more popular in the health care industry, partly due to restrictions on cellphone use in hospitals. But some analysts say voice over Wi-Fi vendors are rolling out products more quickly than the market can absorb them. Find out more in Wi-Fi feature, which will be published in the August issue of Communications & Networking magazine.

The August issue also includes a case study on an investment management firm that set up a converged voice and data network in less than four months.

In the fall, C&N will publish features on networked storage in the September issue, utility computing in the October issue and remote access in the November issue.

Contact: Greg Meckbach

Sales contact for all the above: Brad McBride

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