If all the requests and notifications in your e-mail inbox are bogging you down, simplifying them might be the way to go.

SMBs looking to cut down on time spent trawling through time-consuming email may want to consider Kissflow, a new app that puts otherwise scattered workflow processes into one place.

Created by U.S. and India-based OrangeScape Inc., the app made its debut at Google I/O 2013 last week.

Instead of trying to manually keep track of employees’ requests and expenses, Kissflow streamlines everything by allowing users to name the workflow process, design a form for all of the data, define the workflow (for example, whether a manager should approve at this point), configure permissions, and then publish the process so all users involved can access it.

Provided - Kissflow initiation form

The app also allows users to approve business-related notifications within e-mails without having to open the messages themselves, taking advantage of Google’s “quick action” notifications.

For example, if an employee asks his or her supervisor for time off, that can appear in an email with the “approve” option in the subject line. The app might also be useful for RSVPs to email invitations or to quickly check flight details.

Provided - Kissflow approval form
Provided – Kissflow approval form

Since OrangeScape designed the app for Google Apps, it also integrates nicely with Gmail, Docs, Calendar and Contacts and is hosted on Google Cloud SQL. Each business signed up for Kissflow gets a separate database, keeping data private and secure.

Kissflow is free for up to 10 users, featuring administration, reports and support, making it a good option for startups. For mid-market businesses and enterprise, OrangeScape also offers monthly subscription rates, starting at $3 per user per month. The app is also available for mobile devices and can be found in the Google Apps Marketplace.


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