With the latest update of its line of flagship security solutions for home users, security vendor Kaspersky Lab has added several new features, including private browsing and new change control that can prevent new programs from making changes to things such as your browser homepage.

Kasperky has refreshed its Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Total Security, which each provide different levels of security functionality and are designed to protect a user’s privacy, data, digital security and even their money across whatever digital platform, be it PC, Mac or Android devices.

With consumers becoming more concerned about what information is bring share about their online activities and possibly being used for marketing purposes, Kaspersky is launching a private browsing feature. This tool removes tracking data from Internet traffic and ensures any personal data will not leave the device, using a dedicated plug-in for Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome to report any blocked requests. A new privacy cleaner tool also allows any traces of user activity to be eliminated from a Windows computer.

Also new is change control, which is designed to detect and report attempts by installed freeware applications to add extra extensions to your device. It can detect and, if desired, block attempts to change a browser plugin or the default engine, install extra plugins or modify network system configurations.

“Today’s consumer is constantly accessing the Internet from a variety of devices and they want to know their privacy, data and money are protected while online,” said Justin Priestley, head of consumer sales North America, Kaspersky Lab, in a statement. “At Kaspersky Lab, we know everyone needs the ultimate protection on every device to safeguard against the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape. That’s why our latest security solutions for consumers include new privacy protection capabilities along with our award-winning technologies to help secure PCs, Macs and Android devices.”

The user interface in the new Kaspersky solutions, and the program has been updated for compatibility with Windows 10. Each of the solutions come with free automatic updates and upgrades during the license period. A three user license for Kaspersky Internet Security is priced at $79.99 and for Kaspersky Anti-Virus is $59.99, while a five user license for Kaspersky Total Security is $99.99. Each license is for one year.

All the solutions are available now.

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