JavaOne for the road

Sun Microsystems wanted to use JavaOne to focus on features it was introducing to make programs running on the platform faster and more reliable. Instead, the four-day confab turned into a series of discussions around open source, standards-setting,

and the future of software development. About 14,000 people attended JavaOne 2004.

Sun’s Schwartz jumpstarts Java
The president says the language is still relevant and is ready to take on a more prominent role on the desktop. A Canadian customer assesses the company’s latest release

Vendors, JCP haggle over Java standards
Sun, Oracle and BEA posit a future for language with its leading body

Developers peer into Looking Glass possibilities
6/29/2004 5:00:00 PM – Calgary firm says 3D Java software could aid information management

Make Technologies offers software alternative to outsourcing
Sun’s McNealy urges developers to “”stay up all night”” to avoid job threat

Letters from San Francisco

Bean there, done that
How Java can avoid the same pitfalls as Linux

May the Schwartz be with you
Sun’s No.2 guy is ready to do some empire-building of his own

Gosling on the go
The Canadian creator can see past Java and so should we


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