I’ve got the power, what’s the point?

The go-to tool used for everything from team meetings to sales pitches, however, can be time-consuming to organize and build.

And the ability to add multimedia files such as video, audio and images makes the files difficult to create, to transfer and to store.

Enter a concept called Presentation Management, a software platform enabling users to better archive presentation slide and files and to repurpose materials.

One of the biggest problems in any large organization is the hundreds of people in any company making presentations independently of one another, says James Ontra, CEO of Ontra Presentations which sells the software.

“They spend countless hours writing and rewriting, then telling and retelling the company story over and over again, which leads to hundreds of different versions of the message being pitched at any given time, which leads to embarrassing misstatements, inaccurate information and even contradictions,” he says.

The emerging presentation management market, worth $10 million last year, is expected to jump to $95 million by 2010, according to research firm Frost and Sullivan.

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