Nominations for the ITWC 2020 Digital Transformation Awards are now open.

The national awards program is designed to recognize the best examples of business or organizational digital transformations in the country. It is open to all Canadian businesses and government institutions.

“When we started the conference and award program in 2016, there were very few examples of true digital transformation,” said Fawn Annan, president and chief marketing officer of ITWC. “Today, as businesses increasingly focus on the customer experience as a way to differentiate their offering, digital transformation, often supported by a move to the cloud, is a centrepiece of many current business strategies.”

Past winners and 2019 conference coverage

The awards provide an opportunity for organizations to showcase their digital success. All nominations will be acknowledged in the ITWC network of publications and the winning transformations will be celebrated during the annual ITWC Digital Transformation Conference on July 15.



Awards will be presented in five categories:

  • Large private sector transformation
  • Large public sector transformation
  • Small private-sector transformation (fewer than 500 employees)
  • Transformation by Municipalities/Universities/Hospitals/ Schools
  • AI-Powered Digital Transformation

The deadline for submissions is June 1

Canada has lagged behind the rest of the world when it comes to digital transformation, in part because of the small number of companies willing to showcase their success. Whether it’s modesty or a desire to guard a competitive advantage, the early adopters chose to try and fly under the radar.

“As an IT publisher and the producer of the awards and companion conference, we’re always looking for companies that are proud to share their experiences and help others avoid the pitfalls that they experienced,” said Annan. “ There’s something to learn from every business story.”

Our judges

ITWC has recruited several high-profile industry leaders who have agrees to serve as judges of the nominations.

They are: Gary Davenport, past president of the CIO Association of Canada; Lars Goransson, General Manager & Group Vice President, IDC Canada, Samantha Liscio, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, WSIB, Helen Polatajko, Board Member, CDSPI, and Corey Cox, CIO, Tandet Group.


Lars Goransson
Corey Cox
Gary Davenport
Helen Polatajko
Samantha Liscio

“Digital transformation is not easy. It demands an enterprise-wide commitment to innovate and change to ensure sustainability and success,” says Davenport. “A stronger understanding of the practice of digital transformation will help to ensure a smoother evolution of Canadian business into the digital age.”


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