It can be hard to gain the insight you need to judge the success of your marketing campaign from a spreadsheet. Web presence analytics vendor gShift Labs thinks a dashboard might help.

The Barrie, Ont.-based developer that specializes in web presence analytics software that helps agencies and brands measure the success of their online campaigns has introduced custom dashboards and reporting to its platform, so marketers can better visualize the search, social and web presence data contained within the system.

According to gShift, data visualization is critical to marketers that need to quickly analyze, compare and interpret multiple data points from their assorted online marketing channels, such as search, social and mobile. With the custom dashboards, marketers can choose to display only the data they need to track the progress of their campaigns and make decisions on necessary course-corrections. A new data insights tool will also analyze the data and offer advice for boosting visibility, traffic, and conversions.

“CMOs and other marketers have enough big data from their digital marketing campaigns,” said Krista LaRiviere, gShift co-founder and CEO, in a statement. “Now they need to be able to gain insights into where to best focus their attention and resources for optimal ROI.  gShift’s custom dashboards will help deliver those insights.”

Among the data the custom reporting framework will include is organic keyword positions, average monthly keyword search volumes, share of search, website traffic, website conversions, social signals, backlinks and competitive Intelligence. The dashboard framework also supports the integration of third-party data such as analytics, reviews or CRM data.


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