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China cracks down on blogs
The Register

The Chinese government is now taking on blogs in its attempt to “purify” the Internet.

Lessons for sale

Hey kids, here’s a good life lesson: If something’s hard and too time-consuming to do on your own, pay someone else to do it. That’s what these people have done.

Internet use linked to fewer closer friends

Here’s a shocker: People who spend more time on the Internet and at work have fewer meaningful relationships.

Meet my friend the robot
Science Daily

And speaking of asocial behaviour… European researchers and scientists have come up with a cognitive robot that will revolutionize human-robot friendships to the point where human to human relations will be meaningless.

Cheating goes hi-tech

Chinese students get an A-plus foiling the authorities attempts to prevent them from cheating on university entrance exams.

Sniping will get you everywhere
USA Today

On eBay, it pays to snipe, according to this expert. Too bad South Korean university researchers have taken all the fun out of it by devising a mathematical equation for the bidding process.

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