ITBusiness Elsewhere is a collection of unusual technology stories from around the globe

Hard wired

Who needs wireless hardware when you have your own human body to use as a transmitter?

Rolling out slowly
The Inquirer

Stop the presses! IT managers are slow to get the job done.

Techie teens are put to the test
Yahoo News

Today’s kids. They think they’re so smart because they’re all down with text messaging and IM-ing. But can they query a database? This test will find out just how tech-savvy they really are.

The wired workaholic at home
The Wall Street Journal

All pretense of privacy has now been literally flushed down the toilet.

Bittorrent takes legal action, for once
The Register

Here’s a man bites dog story: Bittorrent is suing for trademark infringement.

The car chase: 21st century style

Police are resorting to less violent ways to stop speeding cars: GPS gumballs.

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