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The staff is on Twitter! We’re integrating our use of Twitter into our site. You’ll see added buttons to more easily share links to our stories, a change to the homepage to feature a live feed Twitter widgit, and more.

We’ll be sharing our tech news insights, live Tweeting from events and talking to our readers on Twitter. We invite you to follow us and join in on the conversation.

Brian JacksonBrian Jackson is a senior writer for

Brian tweets about the latest smartphones that he’s reviewing, gives sneak peek insights into stories he’s working on and will invite readers to lend their advice and suggest interview questions. Armed with a BlackBerry, he’ll often post pictures or videos live from events.

Follow Brian Jackson on Twitter.

Nestor ArellanoNestor E. Arellano is a senior writer at

Nestor tweets about digital marketing and the impact of technology on SMBs.

Follow Nestor Arellano on Twitter.

Harmeet Singh is a staff writer for

Harmeet tweets about the latest IT trends and how SMBs can capitalize on them. She’s also an ethusiast of documentaries, pop culture, and sentence fragments.

Follow Harmeet Singh on Twitter.

ITBusinessca is our official brand account.

We’ll use this account to re-post select Tweets from each of our personal accounts. We’ll also let you know who to follow to get live tweets from an event.

Follow ITBusinessca on Twitter.

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