The convergence of Audiovisual and information technology is here.

Or, at least, that is the opinion of an audio-visual trade group called the International Communications Industry Association (ICIA), which says that AV technologies including Webcasting, video conferencing, wireless media


and digital signage are causing major changes in the role of IT professionals.

Most AV technologies now rely on IT networks, and these networks are a necessary component in more than 80 per cent of AV systems designs, says the group.

Nearly a quarter (23 per cent) of IT departments are primary decision makers for AV purchases, while one-third (34 per cent) are highly influential in the AV purchasing decision process, says ICIA.

The major concern of AV/IT professionals are network stability and reliability, so the results point even more toward the need for AV and IT professionals to collaborate, says the ICIA.

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