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Our third IT Business Report of 2005 focuses on the technology needs of the small and meduim business. You’re receiving this report because you’re a subscriber to one of the IT Business Group family of publications – including Computing Canada, Computer Dealer News, Technology in Government, EDGE, Communications & Networking and Direction Informatique.SMBs face particular challenges with respect to their use of technology, often without the corresponding resources large enterprises can bring to bear. SMBs often have to rely on technology solutions providers – resellers, consultants and the like – to meet those technology needs. That kind of relationship is an invitation to expensive problems if an SMB doesn’t choose a technology partner that’s a fit for its need and culture. How do you know if you’re choosing the right solution provider? Adam Pletsch offers up some questions to ask potential partners in his article beginning on page 6.
It’s a theme that’s continued in Vawn Himmelsbach’s profile of a voice over IP implementation at a Quebec transportation company (page 10). The solution provider involved leveraged its own experience replacing its PBX system with a voice over IP solution to help its customer save money and add new telephony applications.
On page 14, Matt Friedman looks at five new technologies on the horizon that are key to competitive advantage for SMBs.
IT applications seem to evolve organically, springing up to meet burgeoning business needs. But often, they grow in a vaccuum – they don’t work well together. Grant Buckler looks at some strategies for getting your applications to play better together on page 18.

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