IT Business Elsewhere: The pay-per-pixel model Alex Tew (see first item)An entrepreneur thinks small. Plus: Music to a geek’s ears

Elsewhere is a collection of unusual technology stories from around the world.

I’ll keep shoppin’ even if my work’s watchin’

Best line in this story: “Once they get over the Thanksgiving hump, they’re ready to do their holiday shopping. Monday, they can’t help but keep it going, even if they’re at work.”

LED scarf takes guesswork out of coordinating outfits
New Scientist

Can’t figure out what colour of scarf to wear with your outfit. No worries. This one does it for you.

PetsMobility launches first dog cell phone

Dog gone awol? Call him on his cell phone.

Wireless camera operates in the face of danger

Ever wanted to hurl your digital camera at someone? Now you can – and it will keep on working.

MP3s coming to a menu near you
New Scientist

Would you like a couple of mp3 downloads with that burger? In the not too distant future, that’s what will be on the menu at McDonalds.

A typo that cost $225 million

A typo is just a typo in most cases – except, of course, if it happens at a major stock exchange.

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