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The holiest of handhelds
The Inquirer

You know the world has changed, never to be quite the same, when even thePope has an iPod.

Roll with IT

A roll-up computer sounds like a fabulous idea. Unless, of course, you’vejust spent a whack on a new laptop and groovy new laptop bag. banned
The Inquirer

Message to Canadian university students: go ahead, plagiarize. The softwareto catch you has been banned. At least at one university.

Google goofs
San Francisco Chronicle

Oops. We weren’t going to tell you all our financial secrets, but what thehay. Accidents happen.

Women’s rights? Not in IT

Here’s a shocker. The IT industry is sexist. Oh – you didn’t realize that?That must be because you’re not a girl.

Toast your partner across the miles
New Scientist

Some scientists in Boston have come up with a way for long-distance couples to raise a glass to each other using Wi-Fi. If you have to go to these lengths to keep a relationship together, why bother?

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