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Coming to a car radio near you

And you thought you

were so cool because you’re hip to the whole podcasting thing. Bet you didn’t know about roadcasting.

Tower of office babble
NY Times

This device could spell the end of voluntarily — or involuntarily – eavesdropping on coworkers’ conversations.

Fashion Technology 101
New Scientist

Does this photo album look good with these pants? Does this address book make me look fat? These could be the fashion issues that dog your daily dressing at some point in the future, according to British Telecom and its fashion industry partners.

Hire Scooba to do your dirty work

There’s nothing like a robotic mop to make you feel like you’re finally living in the Jetsons’ world.

Devine Wi-Fi intervention

If you’re so bored or distracted in church you can’t get through the service without checking your e-mail, maybe you should stay at home.

Kiwis trial new way to butt out
New Scientist

What works best to get young smokers to quit? Text messages. A lot of them.


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