It Business Elsewhere is a collection of unusual technology stories from around the world.

Talk isn’t cheap
Guardian Unlimited

A U.K. man has found a cash

market for friendship on eBay. Dinners, movies, phone calls — these things aren’t free.

The winding road
New Scientist

This robot won’t be cutting your lawn or vacuuming you carpets for you. But it will do another important, and far less pleasant task: roam through your intestines.

Metal Mickey

If you suddenly notice a lot of mice missing their whiskers, this is why: Japanese scientists are putting them on robots. Not to make them more like those ridiculous mechanical dogs, though.

Apple bites back

You can play with the toys on display at the Apple stores, but not if you go out and say mean things about them after. That’s what one Webmaster found out.

A mighty wind

If you ever find yourself flushed with embarrassment, this gizmo is for you.


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