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SNIFfing around
Wired News

If you thought personal area networks

were solely for humans, think again. Now dogs are getting in on the action, thanks to the SNIF – social networking in fur — wearable computer project for dogs.

The Pontiff and the PDAsWired News

Apparently a lot of people are really anxious to find out who will be named the next pope. So much so the Vatican is sniffing out electronic spies.

Duplication of a lot of effort

Some guy’s making a copy of the Internet. The whole thing. Really. That shouldn’t take long.

Extreme Makeover: Amateur Edition

So you think you’re as good as any fancypants interior designer on HGTV? Now you can prove it in this eBay contest.

It helps to know the Dewey Decimal system

Or maybe there’s another way to make a bit of money. Intel is looking for the original magazine copy of Moore’s Law — and it’s willing to pay for it.

Ghost of a chance

Next time you think your house is haunted, try out this little Japanese-invented gizmo.

There is no “game over”

Finally, a video game worth playing. This one has players trying to end world hunger.

Axis of e-mail

George Bush says he doesn’t use e-mail to communicate with family members because he doesn’t want to risk seeing personal messages circulate in cyberspace. But we think it’s because he’s worried it won’t be vetted by those more familiar with English grammar and spelling.

It’s all geek to me
Yahoo! News

Haha, the joke’s on you, MIT.

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