Elsewhere is a roundup of unusual technology stories from around the world.

Belly up to the hi-fi
New Scientist

Hey? Did you hear that? It’s the sound

of better beer being brewed, thanks to failed music recording technology.

Thanks (but no thanks) for the memories
BBC News

Someone please stop this man. A California man has come up with the idea for a hollow headstone fitted with a flat LCD touch which houses a computer with a hard disc or microchip memory that allows the deceased to speak from the grave through a video message. This wouldn’t be in real time, though, we suspect.

Tag, you’re it!

If you can attach an RFID tag to a computer part or other product, why not kids? The Japanese have no problem with it.WiFi in the wilderness
Associated Press

Usually you go camping to get away from it all. Not anymore, at least not at this U.S. campground, where you can obsessively check your e-mail wirelessly while toasting marshmallows over the campfire.

Road Rules
New Scientist

The Germans are using a traffic simulation system that takes into account how real, and really bad, drivers actually drive to predict traffic jams.

I’m so hungry I could conquer empires
The Australian

Ever wonder if you were the descendant of a rampaging monster? Now you can find out, courtesy of this U.K. restaurant.

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