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Hold that thought
New Scientist

You moron! Whoops! Did I say that out loud? Darn

this voice synthesizer that turns my thoughts into words!

RFID is watching you

There are many reasons one might object to RFID. But construing it as the “Mark of the Beast” is not usually one of them.

Low-tech still best defense against terrorism
Yahoo News

This story is for all those PR people exploiting the London subway bombings by hawking their clients’ security products within mere hours of the event.

Blog stopper

It didn’t take long but blogging is now so yesterday. Now we’re onto something new: vlogging, video logging for the techno-challenged.

”Mytan” is better than yours

If you think handhelds are getting out of hand with all the applications being developed for them, check this out.

To forward is better than to receive
New Scientist

Next time someone forwards you an e-mail or link, consider yourself blessed. According to an American researcher, such behaviour is the modern-day equivalent of ritual gift exchange. So you’re welcome. Really, it’s nothing.


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