IT Business Elsewhere is a look at an unusual technology stories from around the world.

Queer Eye for the Straight IT Guy
The Inquirer

IT workers are the worst-dressed office workers. It’s all that polyester, apparently. Oh, and the sandals and socks combo.

Indian call centre workers face verbal abuse
San Francisco Chronicle

Thanks to outsourcing, some people never have to leave home to be obnoxious to strangers.

Market research that watches you
Globe and Mail

Today you watch television. Tomorrow, it will be watching you back.

The longest reply

Want to send yourself a reminder for something 20 years in the future? Forbes magazine can give you a hand with that.

Debt for sale
The Register

If you can use eBay to auction off a housewife and her house, you can certainly use it to auction off your debt. Good luck with that.

Ring around the toilet
The Register

It’s hard to say whether this story is more of a commentary on the quality of Finnish cell phones or if there is a dangerous relationship between alcohol consumption, toilets and cell phones.

Shakespeare via SMS

When educators talk about teaching the classics, this can’t be what they had in mind.


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