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Colbert creates a new Wikiality

Late-night TV host Stephen Colbert finds a new way to distort reality: if enough people believe something to be true, then it becomes a truth. Say, for example, that George Washington never owned any slaves.

Geeks can dance
The Inquirer

Got two left feet? Well you can thank the wonders of technology and these guys who invented it the next time that you hit the dance floor.

Art with EQ
Reg Hardware

”Empathetic art” captures the mood of the viewer and displays it before their very eyes. This brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, “Life imitates art; art imitates life.”

Symantec throws church software out with the spyware

English vicars voice their complaints after Norton incorrectly identified a file in Visual Liturgy as spyware then deleted it, rendering the software useless.

Petro-Canada infiltrates YouTube
The Globe and Mail

I guess the gas companies aren’t making enough money these days to pay for their own ads so they have to use free broadcast services like YouTube.

”Advergames” fuel childhood obesity

Just in case childhood obesity wasn’t enough of an “epidemic,” the creators of this game have found a way to make playing video games even worse for our kids’ health.


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