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Smile, you’re on YouTube

Hey, politicians, you want to spy on us? Guess what? We’re spying on you, too. And we’re putting everything you say and do on YouTube.

Blood on the tracks
The Register

Do you toss and turn at night, wracked with guilt for having amassed a 4,000-plus collection of pirated music, which you justify to yourself on the basis of the fact that you can’t find this kind of music legally and you see yourself as part of a revolutionary movement to change the recording industry and that you WOULD pay a subscription fee if the right kind of service existed, which it does not? Fret no more. Bob Dylan says it’s OK because digital downloads aren’t worth a cent anyway.

By Robby Mk. IV

There will be no more stories about robots taking over the earth. That’s because from now on, robots will be writing these stories.

Take this job and blog it
The Washington Post

Those kids. One minute it’s all, geez, thanks for the shiny new cell phone, Dad! The next minute, they’re whining in their blogs about how the service provider they work for sucks. Which would be fine, unless Daddy also works for the service provider.

Permanently plugged in

China is dealing with one of its most serious social problems – Internet addiction – by providing halfway houses and computers for kids. Because there’s nothing like the hair of the dog that bit you.

There’s small and there’s Microsoft
The Globe and Mail

If you want to know what “truthiness” means in action, this is it. How do you improve your record of helping small business? By redefining small business to include the likes of Microsoft. Simple.

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