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Hear, here
Wired News

If you’re like most normal people, the

sounds of video games will drive you completely nuts. If, however, you find those incessant electronic bleeps and blurts somewhat comforting, you’re going to love this story.

Sound off
Wired News

On the other hand, if you wished modern life more closely reflected the soothing sounds of the natural world, you’ll appreciate this story a little more.

BBC News

Robots are learning lessons on how to mix socially with humans so they know how to deal with us when they take over the world, presumably.

No ifs, ands or ‘bots
New Scientist

Before the robots take over the real world, though, the virtual ‘bots will take over the virtual world. But humans are behind them, of course, and learning how to put them to work in the most nefarious ways.

1 life 2 live
Wired News

In most of the world, text messaging might save your life in a very metaphorical way. In South Africa, it is being used to save lives in a more literal fashion.

Opening action

Can’t get to that concert? Can’t get to an Internet café to watch the Webcast? No worries. Now you can just turn on your cell phone.

Head and shoulders

You probably thought a brain needed a nice home in a skull in order to function, and that that skull needed to be attached to the rest of a body. Not anymore.

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