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Think Swedish
The Register

It wouldn’t be April 1 with a good joke.

This story has IKEA joining forces with Steve Jobs to design products for the Swedish home furnishings giant.

Not-so-blind date
Wired News

Maybe you found the love of your life on an Internet dating site — or so you think. But is that love as fully versed in all things Monty Python as he or she claims? Is he really tall, dark and good-looking? Find out by using, of course, the Internet – before you meet in the real world.

The Pez is mightier than the song

Seinfeld’s Pez only dispensed candy. Now the new Pez dispenses MP3s. Now that’s sweet.

It all ADDs up

Are you distracted, unable to concentrate on … Hey, where’s my stapler?

Upgrade with care
The Register

You’ve heard about local-area networks and wide-area networks, even personal-area networks. Now there are human-area networks, which use the human body as a conduit.

What was wrong with Golden Girl?
Yahoo! News

How much is your name worth to you? For this woman, $15,000 was enough to agree to go by the legal name of goldenpalace.com.

On second thought, don’t think Swedish
Yahoo! News

You’ve got to love it when these things happen. A government computer error gave thousands of Swedes more money than they were supposed to get. Alas, they had to pay it back. Someone always rains on that parade.

Soldiers of misfortune
Yahoo! News

It wouldn’t be Elsewhere without a good “robots are taking over the world” story. This time they’re pulling shrapnel out of wounded soldiers.

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