Making hard drive space a bargain at $400 a gigabyte
The Register

A glitch at Dell UK ups the price of a hard drive upgrade on a Dimension PC to roughly $110,000. But to

put it in perspective, it’s only about three grand a month. Any takers? No?

Making cell phone numbers a bargain at $2,000 a digitYahoo UK

Apparently purely on the basis of aesthetics, a Bahrainian man is offering a seven-digit cell phone number for roughly $14,000. The market in Bahrain for cell phone numbers and custom licence plates is hotter than Djibouti.

Taking things entirely too literally

Intel incorporates a wireless laptop into a surfboard, allowing beach bums to surf the Web. Dude …

It’ll work in the long run
Globe & Mail

Organizers accidentally declared the wrong winner at the Winnipeg Marathon because while chips on the runners’ shoes monitored start and finish times, there were no checkpoints along the way to make sure they ran the entire route.

Just in time to give us confidence in the electoral process

Activists in several U.S. states are pushing for investigation into alleged links between election officials and e-voting companies including Sequoia Voting Systems. To the shock of no one, Florida’s on the list of jurisdictions where something might be amiss.

Not only that, they’remaking off with the office supplies

A UK study finds that while the average worker books seven sick days a year, the average office PC is out of action due to viruses for nine days a year. And they have a better drug plan, too.


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