IT Business Elsewhere: The best things in VoIP aren’t free

IT Business Elsewhere is a look at unusual technology stories from around the world.

Actuarial science for terrorism

Want to know exactly what the odds are terrorists will strike the building you work in or the subway you take to get there? Insurance software will tell you.

Where’s my remote control?
Globe Technology

The Japanese have discovered how to remote-control people. Good thing they didn’t have the technology during the Second World War.

Does this vending machine take credit?
PC World

If there’s one way to immediately de-sex the iPod, this has to be it.

The telco Gestapo is watching
New Scientist

The telcos have taken a page from the RIAA’s playbook with their efforts to lay the smack-down on free VoIP calls.

Personal Digital Arthritis syndrome

Repetitive strain isn’t just for PC users anymore. Thanks, RIM.

Shed some LED on me
Live Science

The light bulb as we know it could be on its way to joining the eight-track and the Newton handheld due to an accidental discovery.


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