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A nose for pirates
The Inquirer

What does pirated software smell like? Not like the legit kind, apparently,at least to these dogs.

A rich man’s gamble

Apparently online gambling is really OK because it’s mainly the well-educated and well-off who use it, although the latter could change quickly, theoretically.

Immigration calling

Here’s a ring tone that should prove to be my popular. U.S.-based wirelessprovider Cingular has pulled the plug on a ring tone developed by a thirdparty that customers could download from its site. The ring tone says in Spanglish that La Migra is coming and that illegal migrants should step away from the oranges.

Holy ring tone war
Washington Post

Speaking of offensive, a Shiite lawmaker’s religious ring tones provided to be too much for his Sunni counterparts in Iraqi parliament.

<a href= Text message saves lives

But as much as cell phones have the capacity to offend, they also have the ability to save — especially if you’re lost at sea.

Dell’s dirty secret
The Inquirer

Come out of the closet, Dell. We know you’ve been having “relationships” with those VARs. It’s OK, really. You’re not alone.

Voice over Mouse
The Inquirer

Hey, Bob, your rodent is ringing.

Attack of the roach android
New Scientist

And speaking of vermin, robo-roaches can infiltrate the real kind and trick them into behaviour that leads to their ultimate demise.

Female names invite predators online
USA Today

In the virtual world, as it is in the real world, female screen names attract more threats and intimidation efforts than do those with a more masculine ring. Quelle surprise.

Airwaves gone to the dogs

This guy might be barking up the wrong tree, but who knows.

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