IT Business Elsewhere: Tastes great, less bandwidth

IT Business Elsewhere is a look at unusual technology stories from around the world.

Surf on, dude

Worried about being sent packing for surfing too much at work? Worry no more. It’s not a fireable offence, at least according to one judge.

Build the Dorkbot and they will come

Are you a closet dork? Come on out and declare your true self.

Delete, delete, delete, read, delete, delete

Here’s a story that will hardly be news to anyone with an e-mail account: most of the e-mail in circulation today is spam.

Grandma, what big filters you have

There might be a lot of spam. But soon it could at least be personalized. The better to trick you, my dear.

Tasty technology
Sci-Tech Today

Who needs hands to navigate the Net when you can use your tongue?

I’m thinking of something that starts with P

And who needs passwords when you can use passthoughts?

Parlez-vous tax audit?

The French love their games. Even their budget.

Monsieur Cherche
The Guardian

Speaking of games, now France wants to beat the U.S. at its own game by building a search engine capable of rivaling Google. Bonne chance.


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