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Software makes the grade

Who needs profs to mark

papers when there are computers? Upgrades will include red pen scratches, coffee stains and condescending remarks.

How’s life? Ruff

If you can’t figure out if your dog is happy or sad, this cell phone service will tell you. On the other hand, if you can’t figure that out, maybe you shouldn’t own a dog in the first place.

Will that be the soup, salad or massive Internet exposure, sir?
The Register

If you were thinking of going out for a little extra-marital action in Washington and planned on dinner first, illicit affair second, keep this in mind: a lot of D.C. restaurants use Web cams.

Just wait till your father calls in

Parents are encouraged to hit unruly kids where it really hurts – by taking away their cell phones.

The birds, the bees and the robots

Week after week, we prove that robots are taking over the world. Still not convinced? Now they’re self-replicating.

You’re not my type
The Register

Stop the presses. Men talk more than women. (But women text more than men.)


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