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Beware of sploggers!

First there was spam. Then there were blogs. What’s next? You guess it: splogs, or unsolicited blogs.

The Almighty blog

Speaking of blogging, a group of God-bloggers gathered recently for a conference on, well, God-blogging. But blog topics go well beyond the favourite whipping horses of abortion on gay marriage.

Baby bidding wars

You can buy a lot of weird stuff on eBay including, apparently, Chinese babies. And you can get a real deal on girl babies; they’re much cheaper than boy babies.

Computer repairman or cyberstalker?
Sun Times

Here’s a cautionary little tale about taking your computer hard drive, with all its intimate little secrets, to get fixed at a store which may or may not screen its techies for psychological defects.

e-government make way for t-government
The Register

Move over, e-government. You’re so 20th Century. Now it’s time for T-government.

Hands-free driving

Some day in the not so distant future you’ll be able to sit back and let your car drive you to work.

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