IT Business Elsewhere: Show me the pandemic

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Big Brother prison opens in Netherlands
Globe Technology

A new prison in the Netherlands is using high-tech to keep control of inmates, include “emotion-detection” software. It probably doesn’t have too many options to work with: angry, angrier, and shiv-mad.

Freedom, horrible Blackberry freedom!
The Wall Street Journal

The thought of a day without their Crackberries is sending CEOs and other mere mortals into hysterics. The horror!

Lovely Rita, meter-maid, kiss your job goodbye
Globe Technology

Maybe this technology will end the careers of all those sadistic parking meter enforcers.

Domo Arigato, Ms. Hello Kitty roboto

If you think that receptionist seems just a little robotic in her greeting, there’s probably a perfectly plausible explanation. Like she is a robot.

It’s half past binary
Reg Hardware

This has to be the ultimate accessory for gearheads: a watch that tells the time in binary. Enough, already!

The money trail

When scientists want to predict the spread of a disease outbreak, they do what the police do: follow the money.

Internet improves, not destroys relationships: report
Globe Technology

Just when you thought the Internet was responsible for everything that is bad, along comes a study to prove you’re actually wrong.


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