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We call them ‘funbots’
New Scientist

There is more evidence humans are bent on creating

Hailing taxis, raining notebooks
a race of superbots that eventually take over the world. Scientists in the U.K. have developed a robot that teaches itself to play children’s games by searching for patterns in video and audio of human players.


What gets left behind in taxis? Lotsa laptops. An estimated 11,300 worldwide in the last six months, according to a recent survey.

Hot music

Ever wonder what people are doing with those new Mac Minis? Some, apparently, are stuffing them into toasters.

The road to malware

Viruses are driving us completely crazy. It’s true. There’s no place to run, no place to hide. Now computer viruses are attacking the onboard computers of Lexus cars.

Extreme pole makeover
UK Reuters

This is a story about a Pole with a pole — a telephone pole, that is. In his kitchen.

Sore digits

There are probably many reasons text messaging is bad for you, not the least of which is the effect on your literacy level. But according to one doctor, it can also lead to acute tendonitis.

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