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Seems to work well in soap operas

If you’ve been waiting

all your life to be able to legitimately blame something on your evil twin, here’s your chance.

Breaking up is hard to do
BBC News

How touching. Really. A computer ball game aims to find out how people bond over exertion. Breakout for Two uses videoconferencing over broadband to create a virtual glass wall players have to break down with a ball, the story says.

iPod police
The Register

Legal downloading might free music fans from the threat of the recording industry suing the pants off them, but it is enslaving them in other ways, they say.

Shuffle queue starts here

And in more news that proves some people and either very patient or just plain gadget-obsessed, customers are willing to wait two to four weeks for the tiny iPod Shuffle.

How thoughtful
BBC News

Next time someone raves to you that the CIA is monitoring your brain waves, they might not be as crazy as you think.

Happiness does not compute

But it’s not just the CIA that will soon be able to tell what you’re thinking or feeling. Researchers are working in cars that “detect” our emotions. Considering what most drivers are yelling at the people in front of them, that shouldn’t be too difficult a job.

Arnold really was a visionary

Think the concept of robots taking over the world is some futuristic fantasy that will never ever happen? Don’t be so sure. Scientists are hard at work on projects that will make the Jetsons look like the Stone Age.

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