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The new customer service
The Register

Here’s a shocker: IT products don’t work well and who pays the price? The poor schmuck who works the help desk. Tragic, really.

Cellular robbery

Forget James Dean. A woman who can rob a bank and never interrupt her cell phone conversation is the ultimate in cool.

Helping us work less

Between figuring out how to use their office technology and surfing the Internet, today’s office workers apparently don’t have a lot of time left for actual work.

Software developer rage
SF Gate

In the not so distant future, instead of swearing at the driver who cuts you off, you’ll have to swear at the software engineer who designed the program that runs the car.

Paranormal seekers go high-tech
SF Gate

Ghost hunters have come a long way – and so has their technology.

And the Emmy goes to… York Times

There’s an Emmy for practically everything. Including content for mobile devices.

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