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Thanks, you’re a doll
New York Times (registration required)


you thought Barbies were expensive, wait til your daughter starts bugging you for Amazing Amanda – now with RFID.

Me so smart
The Register

A recent study says it shows men are on average smarter than women. But really, how smart can they really be if they keep falling for online scams and viruses?

Relations in the Mid-East

Ever wonder what’s happening behind the veil in Saudi Arabia? Thanks to Bluetooth technology, there’s a whole lot of flirting going on.

Fighting, after the fact

What’s the best cure for post-traumatic stress disorder acquired during a rotation in Iraq? Hair of the dog that bit you – virtual reality style.

Digital dawg

The Japanese are buying house-sitter robots armed with infra-red and digital cameras.

Hammy to the rescue

If your cell phone battery is down and you don’t have a charger handy, just drop into the local pet store and pick yourself up a hamster.


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