Not coming soon . . .
Wired News

Widely considered an accurate predictor of the Academy Awards, Wired magazine’s Vaporware Awards cites Intel, ATI and Microsoft

among those with the dubious distinction of over-promising and under-delivering.

EU biometric visas won’t work
The Register

The European Union is about to concede that its plans for biometric visas are unworkable, since multiple RFID chips in a single passport will make them mutually unreadable.

Get a lifestyle
Yahoo News

At CES, Microsoft Supreme Being Bill Gates plumps for the Digital Lifestyle — memory errors and Blue Screens of Death notwithstanding. With your host Conan O’Brien. No, seriously.

Smart guns?

Researchers in New Jersey are working on a pistol that won’t fire unless it recognizes the user’s grip. Picture the frustration when Tony Soprano tries to borrow Pauly’s gat. Fuggedaboudit.

Steve Jobs made me buy this

An iTunes user is suing Apple Computer because the digital music files bought from the service will only play on Apple’s iPod music player.

Now playing on the really small screen . . .
Business Week

Fox Broadcasting is rolling out one-minute “mobisodes” of hit series 24 for the mobile videophone market. Fox hints it will follow up with other series, including reality shows, at which point we’ll all pitch our cell phones into the nearest garbage bin.


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