Please don’t call, we’re eating cake

Here’s one for the customer service awards. A Belgian bank’s call

centre celebrates its 10th birthday by – improved customer service? Nope. Not picking up the phones.

7,434th floor: men’s clothing, hardware, interstellar phenomena

Just when you were getting used to taking elevators to the 30th floor, a scientist wants to build one that goes 62,000 miles into space. You’d probably have to bring your own lunch, though, and just think of the number of clothing changes you’d need along the way.

How to break into corporate networks — nicely

If you were a pimply-face teenager, this kind of education would be free from friends. But as soon as you grow up, you’ll have to pay to learn how to be a hacker. What does this course on ethical hacking teach you? “”It’s an amazing thing how insecure the big corporations are,”” the instructor said in the story. “”It’s just amazing how easy it is.””

Bush big with hacker lobby

Bush and Kerry may be blazing the campaign trail in order to win votes from the American public, but according to a story on Wired, Bush is leading his adversary in the number of security bugs in his official campaign Web site.

PDA cops know what you had for breakfast

Theoretically, it’s a good thing for cops to have instant access to information on bad guys. Trouble is, they have it on the good guys too, at least in the U.S., and who knows what can happen on a slow night when the donuts and coffee run out?


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