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Outsourced and out of sight

Hey, this sounds

like fun. Instead of actually taking a real vacation, software developers can continue to work 24×7 on a boat in international waters. And they don’t even need visas. Or labour laws or any of that cumbersome legal stuff.

Shouldn’t they be break-dancing?

Here’s the solution to those snooty ballroom dance instructors. Yep, you guessed it. Robots.

Picture it in your mind

You know those commercials that show what your brain looks like on crack? Soon you’ll be able to get a glimpse of that image in 3-D.

Turns out, Britney lovers really dig Chopin

There is probably no area of human behaviour that hasn’t undergone computer analysis at this point. Even musical preferences.

Comfortable but off key

This should go over well with people who are staggering home drunk at 4 a.m. The City of Cambridge, U.K. has unleashed a bumper of singing, chuckling benches and bins.

IT catastrophe

There’s a very good reason for training your cats to use the litter box, as opposed to the fax machine, to relieve themselves.


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